Update 4th September 2020

New arrivals to add to our fleet…

Our fleet continues to grow



Updated 10th June 2020
Note from our Director 

With the apparent downward trend of the current Coronavirus outbreak it appears we are all thankfully moving towards further easing of the current lockdown.

CLC Maintenance wish to express our heartfelt sympathies to everyone that has lost loved ones to COVID-19 and a send a huge thanks to all the key workers who have worked tirelessly through the most difficult of times.

Our own engineers also deserve full praise for continuing unabated, supplying essential services to our clients, tenants and private home owners. As restrictions are cautiously lifted step by step CLC Maintenance are steadily stepping up our plans, procedures and capabilities in preparation for readying ourselves to cope with the back log of work that has accumulated over the course of the last 10 weeks. We have already implemented increased safety and hygiene throughout the course of the pandemic and continue to do so. Additionally our company has been certified COVID compliant to instill trust and reassure our clients we will carry out our work safely and with exceptional levels of hygiene.

Collectively we can all start rebuilding our society, personal lives and businesses to allow us to safely navigate the foreseeable future.

P McFarlane



Updated 2nd May 2020 

Subject: Gas Safety in rented accommodation 

The current ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has generated confusion and uncertainty for landlords, letting agents and tenants alike.

As a Gas Safe registered business we are closely following the latest advice from our governing body. Our engineers are strictly following the UK Government’s guidance while continuing to serve our clients.

The link below will assist further understanding of the legal requirements that remain in force and individuals responsibilities;


Our team at CLC Maintenance hope you find this update informative.

Stay safe.